I am a photographer and psychotherapist. Coming from a background in Buddhism and Mindfulness I am constantly interested in not only how we observe and capture the lives of others but also how we include what arises in ourselves. I take the inter-relationship between self and 'other' as my start point.  

This wish to capture what unfolds in relationship leads me on a journey to both observe and enquire in particular into how I respond to life-changing circumstances such as trauma, loss, ageing and dying. This photographic undertaking also extends to my enquiry into our connections with the transient and impermanent. It is here that I want to discover how I seek to find emotional expression and a sense of meaning within present circumstances. 

I photograph almost wholly with medium format film as a purposeful means of slowing down the creative process. It is this approach, a synthesis of the contemplative with the visual narrative, which lies at the heart of my photographic practice.